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As internet privacy becomes a hot topic, the notion of virtual private networks is becoming more well known in everyday conversation. But all VPNs aren't created equally. The balance between affordability and security can be a careful tightrope to walk, but NordVPN balances it admirably, managing to offer a rich feature set and high-quality service to produce one of the best VPN platforms on the market. NordVPN claims to be the world's most advanced VPN around. While that's a hard claim to definitively prove, the quality of their product mostly speaks for itself.

Of course security is going to be the most important feature when it comes to a VPN, and NordVPN's security is up to snuff. It makes use of DoubleVPN servers which encrypt data twice and provide two kinds of kill switches for their users, so you can cut and run if something goes wrong with your connection. There are thousands of servers available spread out over 64 countries, so you have a lot of leverage when trying to get access to regionally locked content. Netflix is also enabled, unlike many of NordVPN's competitors, so it can serve as your expansive and flexible video streaming platform, unshackled by geographic restraints. Users are allowed to maintain up to six simultaneous connections at the same time. All that combines together to make NordVPN both one of the largest VPN providers in the world and one of the most feature rich.

NordVPN is also cross-platform compatible. Versions are available across all major desktop and mobile operating systems. But talking about a modern VPN means discussing more than just their level of security and ease of use. There's the elephant in the room of how they handle your information. NordVPN's privacy policy is pretty fair. They don't make use of ads for residual income or sell user data, a big deal since your VPN provider can see everything your ISP otherwise would be able to. The only data collected from users comes in the form of crash reports and diagnostics data submitted voluntarily. NordVPN is based out of Panama, notable for their lack of laws requiring a company to hold on to your information. That means that you can be less concerned about a digital trail coming from your VPN.

NordVPN may make use of some sophisticated technology, but their user interface is eminently simple to navigate. Both the mobile apps and the traditional software platforms allow a variety of ways to pick your servers, and you can make use of both traditional maps and pull down menus to choose yours in a manner that suits you. NordVPN certainly isn't the only great VPN platform on the market, but it stands shoulder to shoulder with the best in show.


  • Incredibly dense feature set and impressive security options
  • One of the biggest collections of servers around
  • Very easy to use regardless of your operating system


  • Can be a bit pricey
  • Hard to definitively verify company's security protocols

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